The Importance of Social Media in Business

Companies and their Social Media Stats

Companies and their Social Media Stats

Many companies know that social media is a major factor for businesses to achieve success in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, and in 2014 a lot of companies who embraced the social media revolution are now reaping benefits from their investment in time and resources, producing a high number of fans/followers, high Google rankings,  successful conversions and great influence factors

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Eircom Disruption causes havoc in West Cork Areas

Business’s in the west Cork area were left stranded for almost a month and suffered serious disruptions the their daily online business proceedings due to problems with Eircom’s telephone & broadband systems, The problem was mainly within the Skibbereen area and Eircom were slow to accept responsibility.

Granite’s very own chief technical officer Ger O’Shea spent at least three weeks or more tackling the problem with Eircom and also helping some of granites many clients after receiving a constant stream of complaints from the Skibbereen area.

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.Cork, The Marketing Benefits of gTLD’s

Cork Independent recently announced that The Deputy Mayor of Cork is pushing for a .cork Domain to help promote local businesses and online sales.

gTDLCurrent Online spending in Ireland is a staggering 4bn a year, but the issue with this is that 75% of it goes to overseas companies and venders. Companies with .com, and even .ie can be from abroad, where as .cork if properly regulated can be used to assure the customer the origin of the purchase and the locality of the service.

A domain such as .com is officially known as a gTLD generic Top Level Domain. As domain names have become scarce over the years,  a new way of naming domains had to be created. There are currently 22 gTLD’s such as .com .net .gov .ie .eu. ICANN’s  (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) aim is to promote competition, branding, consumer choice, localisation,  Digital marketing and innovation while ensuring the security and stability  of the Domain name system (DNS) with the new plan for gTLD’s and people wanting to register a unique domain will have to go through an application process.

BlogThe application window recently opened on Jan 2012 and a total 1,930 applications for new gTLD’s have been received. By March 2013 we saw the initial results of the process and in Aug 2013 the public saw the new gTDL’s that were deemed “eligible”.

So what are the benefits of unique domains?

The .cork domain will greatly benefit local retail and web development business’s within the Cork area and it will improve on more specific search results. New gTDL’s will also offer the following benefits –

  • Entrepreneurship. Create your own business model and establish accessibility policies for your TLD. If your customers want tighter security, make your TLD a high-security zone.
  • Increased control. You set the rules and the price for those registering your TLD.
  • Innovative marketing opportunity. Build better brand definition, brand awareness, brand loyalty and trust by having full control over your own TLD.
  • Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs). Increase market reach by making the Internet completely accessible to users whose local languages use non-Latin characters.
  • Engage your community. Create a rallying point for supporters of your cause, community or culture to unite with a community-based TLD.
  • Bring together your geographic area. Celebrate your local citizens, commerce, activities, and culture with a geographic TLD.

Overall the theory of a .cork is good within itself,  but you really have to ask the questions is this just clever P.R to grab the headlines of being on the pulse of web technologies or has this been planned out and will be a serious proposition to localise, unify and benefit the people and city of Cork.

Top 10 Gadgets for Tech Heads this Christmas

Down to number 7 on our list of “Top 10 gadgets for Tech heads this Christmas” as we draw ever closer to Christmas day!

#7 Sasha Tseng’s Toast Messenger

This Gadget is great for so many reasons. Techies tend to spend every god given hour stuck to a computer screen; researching this and coding that. Conversation can practically be non existent!!

Q: what does a techie and everybody else for that matter need?….

A: Food and water or even coffee and toast !!

Sasha Tseng has invented this ingenious idea a toaster that you can write notes on !!



Now when you make tea and toast for the loved techie in your life you can simply write down a message for them knowing they will get the message loud and clear,toast 3

whether  it be “I Love You”, “Remember The Movie starts at 9” or even “I’m leaving you and taking the Car” This gadget is an ideal gift for Christmas this year and a great make to get your message across !!!


West Cork Today Radio Show axed, sign the petition

I wrote yesterday on the myguideIreland blog about a petition that has been set up by the Skibbereen and Region Economic Network (SAREN) (of which I am a member) to pressure UTV to reinstate the West Cork Today show on C103.

I hadn't realised at the time just how emotive this issue is and would like to take this opportunity to urge as many as possible to sign the petition online at

I was coming at this mainly from the point of view of a West Cork based enterprise and the economic value of having a dedicated local communications resource. Much of what has been achieved for the economic benefit of West Cork has been boosted by coverage on the West Cork Today show.

There is no better example than the recent creation of the West Cork Tourism Co-Operative Ltd to relaunch the Cork Swansea Ferry service. Several interviews on C103 with Conor Buckley, Chairman of West Cork Tourism, helped to get the message out and to mobilise the tourism community to get behind the initiative.

But this is bigger than just the business community in West Cork, the axing of the show affects non-business people greatly and especially the elderly.

To see the views of others (not as biased as mine perhaps?), check out the following:

Give West Cork its voice back……today!
West Cork Today (and Tomorrow?) – Sign Petition to Save Local Radio
C103 – not on our wavelength!
C103 loses the plot!
The service is a vital infrastructural asset in West Cork and I urge you all to support the petition.

I wonder what is the view of BCI who issued the license?