Top 10 Gadgets for Tech Heads this Christmas

Next  in our list of The Top Ten gifts for Tech Heads this Christmas is something not necessarily associated with a Techie but things still need to get done around the house and men will always be men!

Does the Techie in your life think he can fix things just as well as programme on a computer but really can’t why not give him a present that will really help with the D.I.Y issues around the house?

# 7  The Power8 Workshop

This Gadget for a D.I.Yer is what apps are to the iphone; 1 completely compliments the other. This gadget will offer all the tools needed to perform simple DIY tasks around the house and some other tools to help jobs of a slightly more advanced level these tools he may not understand and won’t admit but the true Techie relishes in discovering new things and mastering them!

This Gadget has an amazing arsenal and a pretty amazing price tag to match with the following tools included:power8workshop72-450

  • 5-½” circular saw, a jigsaw,
  • Variable speed 3/8″ drill/driver,
  • Flashlight.
  • Assortment of drill bits,
  • Driver bits
  • Jigsaw blades
  • Soft tool bag

Some of these top brand items alone cost more than the entire toolbox but together but don’t be suspicious of the low price tag the toolbox was featured in Channel 4’s Gadget man and received high reviews from professionals in the construction industry.

These tools are perfect for D.I.Y and the box itself has many features, like a transformer this box morphs into a variety of useful positions, a table saw, scroll saw, or drill press the features of this gadget will without doubt help to do a better job than previously.


This is without doubt a must have for anybody to have in their shed and it will give the confidence to attack those d.i.Y jobs around the house, if you don’t have you T.V mounted to the wall yet expect them all to be; come mid-January.

Top 10 Gadgets for Tech Heads this Christmas

The next chapter in our Top 10 Gadgets for Tech Heads this Christmas is something of a musical delight for the ears. Listen for endless hours to your favorate music in style.

#8 Beats by Dr Dre.

Let’s face it if you haven’t seen headphones this year where have you been? Headphones are definitely highly trending at the moment and make a perfect gift for anybody, I can’t see anyone not being happy with this present it’s not just a gift for somebody but it’s also a sneaky gift for yourself. By a partner using these you give yourself the peace and quiet you deserve while the techie in your life is busy working away on their laptop headphones will allow you to sit and watch the T.V in peace, even if you have completely different tastes in music you won’t have to suffer any more!!


And yes they really do make the difference! It can’t be explained in written word but the listening experience really is like something you’ve never heard before, no more tinny sound! The newest headphones really give you the full force of base and treble that will amaze you and help understand the price tag on some of the headphones out there. The saying is never so true “you get what you pay for!”

The most popular and recognisable Brand of headphones out there are by far “Beats by Dre” if you don’t know Dr Dre is a Rapper turned Producer turned Entrepreneur with a career spanning over 30 years and has definitely done his homework as the revenue from the headphones has seen him reach this year’s Forbes richest list.


To go into the technical part of these headphones is not really what you want to hear because basically who really knows about “dual-mode noise-cancelling circuits” or “V-Moda Crossfade M-100”?  So we will talk about the user design features and accessories that come with the headphones themselves.

The design of the Headphones is sleek and very basic but look extremely good, the branding has become a fashion icon in its own right and people want to be seen wearing these as a street accessory, they are wireless and come with a USB charging kit.

Its features include Bass, Treble, and Mid-tones adjustment, they are lightweight and the ear pads are “super comfortable”, they have  a lithium battery has a life of up to 20 hours.

These are not the cheapest headphones out there but are the most popular and at a R.R.P price tag of €199 can be found at outlets such as Harvey Normans and P.C world, The Beats by Dre Headphones are a great Christmas Present for anyone. Other alternatives can be found out there, a lot from rap stars seem to be appearing.

Are these the Hard mans version of celebrity products flying onto the shelves this Christmas?  Beats-by-Dre-Studio-2013-side-angle

Top 10 Gadgets for Tech Heads this Christmas

In our second blog of our Top 10 Gadgets for the Tech Head this xmas Granite Digital will review gadgets to hopefully give you some ideas for what to buy this Christmas for the techie in your life

#9 The Tom Tom Runner

The Tom Tom runner is a new GPS sports watch for runners or anyone who wants to get into fitness in the new year, After putting on a few Christmas pounds we all feel the need to change and set our new year’s resolutions to get into better shape and what better way the to start yourself off with jogging or running.

The Tom Tom GPS watch is ideal for the professional down to the amateur runner with its numerous features to train track and set goals for yourself and it is the features of the gadget that really sells itself.


Features include an accelerometer and sensors to work outdoors or on the treadmill, view distance, pace, average pace, stride length, personal music selection, calories burned, and lap times all in real time and it has Bluetooth to sync with addition accessories such as a heart rate monitor.

But it really comes into its own when these features are explored and set correctly the watch almost becomes your personal trainer supplying feedback throughout your run.

You can set yourself goals such as Distance over  Time or calories burned and the Tom Tom will notify you via beep or vibrate not just at the end of your run but during at certain intervals, and a handy final percentage notification to give you that final push to reach your goal.

It has a great lap monitor counting distance and time taken to complete each lap and a Zone feature that can track your pace warning you whether you are dropping off the pace or exerting yourself too early.

But probably its best feature is the Ghost Race. This allows you to compare yourself with a previous run tracking your progress or lack off! And you can choose to give the ghost a head start to set yourself a greater challenge.

The Tom Tom Runner also has a great user interaction feature with its Online website were a user can upload data via a “My Sports” web tool, which provides support and has export features to keep and build your own personal training plan.TomTom-Runner-

Many similar items have been known to have GPS problems but the Tom Tom Runner incorporates the same technology it uses for its satnavs, and moving will improve signal connection.

And finally let’s not forget the Tom Tom Runner is a watch1 and has all the usual watch functionalities including and alarm to get you up for those early morning runs!!

The Tom Tom Runner is available in Pink and Grey and at a R.R.P of €122.00 and is Number 9 of Granite Digitals Christmas Gift Ideas For the techie in your life.

watch the video here

Top 10 Gadgets for Tech Heads this Xmas

Are you stuck for ideas for finding that perfect Christmas present for the technology lover and gadget obsessed friend in your life? Well over the next 3 weeks Granite Digital will review the Top 10 Gadgets around, possibly giving you some ideas of what to get for the Techie person in your life.
We will release several blogs a week in the run up to Christmas.

No# 10 Skylight Panels
Not just for the Tech heads but for everyone working in the office and desperately trying to bring a bit of the outside into the office. In around our office we all have little reminders to break up the monotony of the office. We have special screen savers to take us away from the fact that we stare at a computer all day, screen savers featuring a sunny beach, cloudy mountain tops or gently breezing meadows. We surround our desk area with photos of our families and friends, little toys and nik-naks all to create our own environment within the office. Now you can go a step further! Lean back, look at your space.
Its small and you soon are back in the room once again, past your own screen saver. Now look up, what do you see? The dull fluorescent light, the plain square ceiling panels and that constant hum of the air-con, but wait! A new gadget called Skylight Panels will help change that, help to immerse you in a 3 dimensional world that transports you to that exotic Caribbean beach your screen saver always promises you and it can be found on Amazon for the average price of around €30. If you were interested and you can actually convince your boss to allow you to start changing panels in the ceiling, then we would recommend you seek a professional for help with the installation of this item. It will help to prevent your world from crashing down around you!

Work in Style

Work in Style

And the Skylight Panels are just some of the latest gadgets that could make your Christmas wishlist. Join us during the oncoming weeks where Granite Digital will be looking at a variety of items including a USB/WiFi Pen(a great productivity tool that uploads everything writen onto word documents) as well as the latest Smartphones and accessories. We will also take a look into some of the top selling Apps for Android and IOS.

iPhone on Vodafone in Ireland just months away

Apple and Vodafone have announced this morning that they have signed a deal that will see the iPhone available to Vodafone customers in the UK & Ireland from early 2010. The announcement follows a deal agreed earlier this week for Orange to sell the iPhone in the UK including Northern Ireland.
The move could see a significant price war between the operators as O2 attempts to hold onto the market share it has gained during the period since 2007 that it has had exclusive iPhone distribution.

In the UK, Vodafone, the second largest operator, admits O2’s exclusive iPhone deal hurt its British business. It was the largest UK operator until 2006 and many analysts attribute O2's gains to the iPhone deal.iphone

Crucially, Vodafone will not have the iPhone available until early next year, missing an opportunity to capitalise on the lucrative Christmas market. In Northern Ireland, Orange customers will be able to get their hands on the iPhone in their Christmas stockings.

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Vodafone to Launch Google Phone?

Reports this morning say that Vodafone is close to finalising a deal with mobile phone manufacturer HTC of Taiwan for the next version of the so-called Google phone.

Vodafone and HTC are understood to be in discussions about the next generation of a device based on Google’s Android operating system – dubbed the G2.

Both Vodafone and HTC hope to have a deal signed in time for an announcement at Mobile World Congress, the mobile phone industry’s annual tradeshow in Barcelona which opened on today.

HTC also manufactured the first Gphone, the G1, which rival T-Mobile launched last autumn under an exclusive deal. While that device has done well in the US, recent numbers from T-Mobile in the UK suggest it has struggled to compete with Apple’s iPhone, available exclusively on O2. As T-Mobile don’t operate in Ireland, the original Gphone was not available here. A tie-up with Vodafone would most likely result in the phone becoming available on the Irish market also.

A Race for supremacy in mobile apps.

Google’s entry into the mobile cellular phone market follows the success of Apple’s iPhone. Google is hoping that its operating system will help persuade more mobile phone users to access the internet on their devices and become the platform of choice for developers of mobile phone applications.

While Apple’s iTunes currently dominates the so-called mobile “apps” space, Android already has about 800 applications available even though there is only one device in the market. It hopes that its share of the market will increase as more mobile device manufacturers release products.

Rivals Google and Microsoft agree rare pact

Search giant, Google, has licensed Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol for sharing information between a server and mobile phone to power Google Sync that was launched on Monday.
Google Sync allows users to synchronize their contacts, and other information, with Google's Web-based services such as Gmail. Google Sync works with a vast range of phones including Apple's iPhone, Windows Mobile phones, BlackBerry, and also phones from Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia.


Internet on your dashboard

Mobile phones and TVs converging with the Internet? That is so 2008!!

An article on today outlines car manufacturers’ plans for integrating computer systems with their vehicles in 2009. Motor industry executives hope the new technological bells and whistles will put some sizzle back into stagnant vehicle sales. The plans range from a system that warns motorists when they drift out of lane to a fully functional dashboard computer. Read more at…….


1900 Jobs to go at Dell in Limerick

Computer giant Dell confirmed today that it is to axe 1,900 jobs at its flagship manufacturing plant at Raheen in Limerick.

In what has been described as a devastating blow for the region, the company will cease production at its Limerick factory in favour of its newer facility and considerably cheaper labour market in Poland.

The closure was part of a $3bn global cost-cutting program that was announced by the company in Q4 of 2008.

The redundancies will begin in Continue reading