New website for FIRE Restaurant and Dublin Conference & Events Venue

Both, the award winning FIRE Restaurant and The Conference & Events Venue in Dublin just received a shiny new website! With two distinct and fresh designs this was a welcome face lift for the distinguished brands.

FIRE Restaurant and Lounge is located on Dawson street in the heart of Dublin. As an award winning restaurant it is the address to go to for the connoisseur or anyone looking for a special dinning experience! They also offer exclusive private dining rooms making it an attractive location for corporate meetings. And if you are interested finding out some of their gourmet secrets then check out their own recipes. FIRE is without a doubt among one of the top restaurants in Dublin.

The Conference & Events Venue is an incredible space in the heart of Dublin City used for a diverse range of events. Everything from prestigious conferences, fashion shows, exhibitions, product launches to international receptions and large concerts are held there as it is so versatile. Originally build in 1821 the round room has been the scene for many important events in Irish history with many prominent figures visiting over the years. It has since been renovated and is now a stunning location with the latest in audio visual equipment making it truly an exceptional venue in Dublin.

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