The Importance of Social Media in Business

Companies and their Social Media Stats

Companies and their Social Media Stats

Many companies know that social media is a major factor for businesses to achieve success in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, and in 2014 a lot of companies who embraced the social media revolution are now reaping benefits from their investment in time and resources, producing a high number of fans/followers, high Google rankings,  successful conversions and great influence factors

Other companies also jumped on board but only half-heartedly and are still stuck in the “middle ground” and now find themselves too committed to pull out but not enough return to stay in. But like everything in business there is no easy solution as everything takes commitment, hard work and patience.

And finally, the businesses that wants to start social media campaigns but doesn’t know how or where to begin, with today’s large selection of platforms to relay your message. They may feel the need to jump on every platform available to get their message heard, however, choosing two or three relevant channels of communication can often be significantly beneficial than spreading efforts over a number of social media platforms.

The biggest problem with social media is it took too long to be taken seriously and many business owners of an older generation who were stuck in their ways and reliance in the traditional marketing mix of print, direct mail and broadcast media. For many social media marketing simply wasn’t understood and this common misconception was often summarised with “I’m too busy to be on Facebook; its just a fad for the kids” and now the “Kids” are making a good living in the social media revolution.  Many people forgot one of the most important rules of business is to understand your market and adapt to the everchanging situation. Nokia is a prime example of reliance on tried and trusted techniques and turning a blind eye to the changing face of mobile technology, once the market leaders; they are now playing catch up on brands that didn’t exist in the market ten years ago.

Three types of users and the stages of their Social Media Campaigns

Three types of users and the stages of their Social Media Campaigns

The biggest mistake being made when starting your social media campaigns is to rush in and open accounts without a plan, just like anything done in business it must be structured, researched and most importantly aligned with your business’ overall strategic objectives.

Many people make the mistake of starting with no plan and posting random stuff here and there, not allowing enough time to see a Return On Investment (ROI) without following through, then six months later opening new accounts because the passwords were lost or the intern allocated with the so called “unimportant work” has moved on. This can often have a detrimental effect on search engine rankings and SEO for online businesses, duplicating accounts weakens keyword impact and is probably the worst thing that can be done.

Where to start?

With so many social platforms available today its hard to know where to start Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn are the key players but what about Pinterest, Foursquare, Google Local, Tumblr and Reddit. The realisation over recent years is that Social Media is big business and it takes a lot of time, dedication, research and effort. It has become a full-time occupation and people now specialise in bringing you a complete social media package.

Where to start on your Social Media Campaign

Where to start on your Social Media Campaign


The key to successful social media campaigns is understanding and adapting, do you want:

  • Likes?
  • Reach?
  • Engagement?
  • Brand Awareness?
  • Higher Conversions?



A clear and coherent strategic plan aligned with a knowledge of the digital marketing mix are essential to generate success. If you don’t have the sufficient time to learn and adapt then the option of outsourcing your digital marketing requirements is something that should be considered.

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