Eircom Disruption causes havoc in West Cork Areas

Business’s in the west Cork area were left stranded for almost a month and suffered serious disruptions the their daily online business proceedings due to problems with Eircom’s telephone & broadband systems, The problem was mainly within the Skibbereen area and Eircom were slow to accept responsibility.

Granite’s very own chief technical officer Ger O’Shea spent at least three weeks or more tackling the problem with Eircom and also helping some of granites many clients after receiving a constant stream of complaints from the Skibbereen area.

Southernstar.ie had the following interview with Ger –

Chief Technical Officer, Director & Co Founder of www.grainte.ie

Chief Technical Officer, Director & Co Founder of http://www.grainte.ie

Ger O’Shea personally rang the Eircom as many as 20 times, but the IT support staff were adamant that there was no problem with the Eircom service. Initially, he said, they maintained that the problem was with each individual’s router to the internet.

But after receiving so many calls from the Skibbereen area they did sit up and take notice because they realised so many people could not all be having the same issues.

Normally, Ger said, when a customer makes a complaint to a company like Eircom they do two things: they will check the line into the person’s house and if that is clear they do a second test, a speed test, which is done between the head office directly to the individual’s router.

They know what speed you should be getting and if all that appears to be in order the IT support staff will ask the customer to restart the router and test the Internet connection again, and if that doesn’t work they might get you to change some settings in the router, and they in turn might adjust some setting on their side.

In Skibbereen everything, including the speed check, appeared to be in good working order, but the problem persisted and Eircom was left in no doubt about the difficulties judging from the sheer number of people who rang the company complaining about the same issue”.

Ger said it was his understanding that the eircom support team isolated the problem to a telephone exchange in Skibbereen, but the company has yet to formally explain to their customers what exactly was the cause of the problem.

During the peak of the problem period, Ger said: ‘I was inundated with calls from companies in the Skibbereen area who found it almost impossible to conduct their business in an orderly manner.

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