Top 10 Gadgets for Tech Heads this Christmas

In our second blog of our Top 10 Gadgets for the Tech Head this xmas Granite Digital will review gadgets to hopefully give you some ideas for what to buy this Christmas for the techie in your life

#9 The Tom Tom Runner

The Tom Tom runner is a new GPS sports watch for runners or anyone who wants to get into fitness in the new year, After putting on a few Christmas pounds we all feel the need to change and set our new year’s resolutions to get into better shape and what better way the to start yourself off with jogging or running.

The Tom Tom GPS watch is ideal for the professional down to the amateur runner with its numerous features to train track and set goals for yourself and it is the features of the gadget that really sells itself.


Features include an accelerometer and sensors to work outdoors or on the treadmill, view distance, pace, average pace, stride length, personal music selection, calories burned, and lap times all in real time and it has Bluetooth to sync with addition accessories such as a heart rate monitor.

But it really comes into its own when these features are explored and set correctly the watch almost becomes your personal trainer supplying feedback throughout your run.

You can set yourself goals such as Distance over  Time or calories burned and the Tom Tom will notify you via beep or vibrate not just at the end of your run but during at certain intervals, and a handy final percentage notification to give you that final push to reach your goal.

It has a great lap monitor counting distance and time taken to complete each lap and a Zone feature that can track your pace warning you whether you are dropping off the pace or exerting yourself too early.

But probably its best feature is the Ghost Race. This allows you to compare yourself with a previous run tracking your progress or lack off! And you can choose to give the ghost a head start to set yourself a greater challenge.

The Tom Tom Runner also has a great user interaction feature with its Online website were a user can upload data via a “My Sports” web tool, which provides support and has export features to keep and build your own personal training plan.TomTom-Runner-

Many similar items have been known to have GPS problems but the Tom Tom Runner incorporates the same technology it uses for its satnavs, and moving will improve signal connection.

And finally let’s not forget the Tom Tom Runner is a watch1 and has all the usual watch functionalities including and alarm to get you up for those early morning runs!!

The Tom Tom Runner is available in Pink and Grey and at a R.R.P of €122.00 and is Number 9 of Granite Digitals Christmas Gift Ideas For the techie in your life.

watch the video here

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