We build Facebook Applications

Today marketing in relation to social network sites can be used in conjunction with a strong web marketing campaign to further promote your product or service. Through the development of facebook applications you can gather a large number of followers and provide these followers with relevant up to date data.

How your company is presented on Facebook and the information you present to people is extremely important. Are your posts relevant enough for people to share them and to make them click through? Do you require extra functionality for a competition or advert? We have developed Facebook Applications for a range of our clients including Leisure World Cork.

We can provide the following services

  • FBML Design and Development
  • FBJS Forms Development
  • Embedded Product Catalogue Pages
  • Application Development

Using FBML and FBJS it is possible to:

  • Embed forms in Facebook that rely on FBJS/AJAX/JSON to send information
  • Use animations that rely on the Facebook’s own Animation library

Remember you don’t have to have an existing website to create a great facebook application.

If you have an idea for a facebook application, why not contact us to discuss it further?


West Cork Hotel Facebook Application

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